July 31, 2015

Hot Red with a Little Lip!!

I decided to try out some new Hurrr!!!
The Hot Red Ombre' color is reaching outside of my dark hair (safe) zone and I was In LIKE! Got a few compliments as I rolled out into the world today. Hubby even approved!

Well since I'm here to share, let me just talk about my summer favorite lippies!!! Hands down, the only brand I'm reaching for are my #NYX Soft Matte Lip Creams ( #NYXCosmetics ). I have 7 of the shades and they are all giving me life! What I wore today was Ibiza, which is a Pinkish color. The colors lasts all day for me and the longer the wear, the mattier it gets. After awhile it may feel too dry for some of you ladies, but I don't mind because I like the "Drama" of a Matte Lip and I know it's not going anywhere. So Yeah, Soft Matte it is for Moi!

I am still working on getting my "groove back" for blogging and searching for my spot in this world. It helps if one would get dressed and/or leave their house, but I haven't been doing much of that lately, therefore no creativity and not much use to my camera. An Instagram "Cell-fie" here and there is all the noise that this chic has been making and they are not all that awesome! Gotta love Instagram tho!

So, I will try to get better and Lord Willing, I will BE GREAT!!!!

So Hang In There!

-Ms. Thang